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The Game:

Altruism is a metroidvania-esque platformer. Play as 2 companions, Squirt and Lola, as they help each other explore the world and find out what happened to their species. Use shapeshifting powers found within mysterious artifacts to take different forms that will help reach new locations.

The Story:

This is a story placed in a fantasy world about Squirt and Lola, who are a species known as Bloops. Lola wakes up from her 1,000 year hibernation to find an isolated area, once surrounded by her family and friends. She seeks out to find any sign of existence that may remain, when she runs into her life companion Squirt. They team up together to find out what happened to the rest of their species, and find out something more horrible than they can imagine.

Being the only 2 left they must use their selfless love and companionship to help each other adventure around the world. They find mystic artifacts that yield new powers for their species, seen never before. They must use these powers to help each other on their journey.

The Goal:

Find all the artifacts and help Squirt and Lola find out what happened to the Bloops, and more importantly, what is beyond the locked door.


  • Retro Music and Cute Pixel-Art Graphics!
  • Metroidvania Open-World Adventure!
  • Play as 2 companions that help each other!
  • Shapeshift into 4 different forms to battle enemies and explore new areas!


-Keyboard Controls-
Left/Right Arrow Keys or A/D: Move Around
W or Up Arrow Key: Jump
E: Switch Character
Space: Shapeshift

-Xbox/Joystick Controls-
Left Analog Stick: Move Around
A: Jump
Y: Switch Character
X: Shapeshift

Ludum Dare Entry:

This game was originally for Ludum Dare 35, you can play the original version linked on the entry page here: Original Ludum Dare Entry


Indie DB:



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Altruism v1.4.2 (WIN).zip 34 MB
Altruism 1.4.2 (LIN).zip 35 MB
Altruism 1.4.2 (MAC).zip 33 MB
Altruism 1.4.2.apk 24 MB

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doesn't respond to the jump-key(s) half of the time.

Hm, I have not experienced this issue before. It will be looked into. Possibly a framerate issue, try turning the graphic setting down. A couple of memory-expensive camera filters are used in this game.