Programming, Design, and Art by: Caleb Zepeda
Music by: Joshua Zepeda
Sound by: Caleb & Joshua Zepeda

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About The Game

Small World is ironically an infinite world with an infinite amount of randomly generated NPCs to interact with. The interaction you make is your choice.

Make new friends, or new enemies.

Survive and Prosper.


  • #1!! WALK AROUND!! YOU MUST WALK AROUND! Doesn't matter where, just walk! You get points just for walking so do it!
  • Recruiting will help you get more out of conversations, and your followers will even back you up in a fight. Although, they will expect split rewards for their kills, even your kills too.
  • Talking with people will also heal you! It's healthy to be social!
  • Some people forget things, it's normal. They will never forget a bullet though.
  • Your player level affects everything.


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